Hello! I'm Sky.

An undergraduate researcher at the University of Michigan, interested in natural language processing and multi-agent systems.

Research Assistant @ EAGLe Lab (Professor Joyce Chai)
Research Assistant @ Blablablab (Professor David Jurgens)
Previously @ SRG (Professors Arunesh Sinha & Michael Wellman), NASA (GSFC-610.2), and Microsoft (Azure IoT Infrastructure).

Interests (broadly): Grounding, situated dialogue, computational sociolinguistics, diachronic change, machine theory of mind, reinforcement learning, game theory, adversarial learning.

This summer, I'll be joining the Perceptual Computing Laboratory at Waseda University as a research intern!


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About Me

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Washington D.C. | 北京 | Ann Arbor

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Hello! I'm Sky.

I'm interested in research at the intersection of natural language processing and multi-agent systems: building agents 🤖 that think 🤔 like humansTM, communicate with humans, and that are able to learn efficiently from humans and other agents. In this regard, grounded, situated language learning and machine theory of mind are areas of particular interest to me.

Looking at how language 🤬 itself is reflective of society's beliefs and values, and how such norms have evolved over time is, too, an area of intrigue. What causes these shifts in cultural norms, who 👪 are the most affected, and how can we best capture these changes? In this regard, computational sociolinguistics comes into play.

How can we best incorporate these evolving belief systems into multiagent settings towards the development of more efficient and more effective linguistic communication protocols 🦜? That is the continuing question.


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A Learning and Masking Approach to Secure Learning
9th International Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security 2018
Linh Nguyen, Sky Wang, Arunesh Sinha

...and two more papers currently under review (check back later 🤗!)


Enriching the Twitter Stream: Increasing Data Mining Yield and Quality Using Machine Learning
American Geophysical Union 2018 Fall Meeting
William Teng, Arif Albayrak, John Corcoran, Sky Wang, Daniel Maksumov, Carlee Loeser, Long Pham

Working Drafts

Social Precipitation Sensing
Under Review
Sky Wang, Arif Albayrak, William Teng, Long Pham

Building Action Sets in a Deep Reinforcement Learner
Under Review
Yongzhao Wang, Arunesh Sinha, Sky Wang, Michael Wellman


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Research Assistant (EAGLe Lab)
September 2019—Present
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, MI

Research Assistant (Blablablab)
September 2019—Present
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, MI

Research Assistant (SRG)
September 2017—April 2019
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, MI

Research Intern (GSFC-610.2)
June 2018—August 2018
NASA—Greenbelt, MD

Research Intern (Astronomy)
June 2014—August 2014
Caltech—Pasadena, CA


Software Engineering Intern (Azure IoT Infrastructure)
June 2019—August 2019
Microsoft—Redmond, WA

Full Stack Web Developer
March 2017—September 2017
Teconet—Beijing, CN


Founder & CEO
March 2013—February 2016
SkyCraft—Beijing, CN

Courses (@Michigan)

EECS 692
Advanced Artificial Intelligence

EECS 598
Situated Language Processing for Embodied AI Agents

EECS 598
Human-Computer Interaction

EECS 498
Multidisciplinary Software Development

EECS 492
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

EECS 484
Database Management Systems

EECS 445
Introduction to Machine Learning

EECS 442
Computer Vision

EECS 376
Foundations of Computer Science

EECS 370
Introduction to Computer Organization

EECS 281
Data Structures & Algorithms

EECS 203
Discrete Math

MATH 216
Introduction to Differential Equations

MATH 215
Multvariable & Vector Calculus

MATH 214
Applied Linear Algebra

Honors & Awards

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Best Poster, University of Michigan Artificial Intelligence Symposium 2018

Dean's Honor List, Fall 2017—Present (All Semesters)


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phone: (734) 773 2165

e-mail: skywang AT umich.edu